“I’ve been trying to come up with the perfect words to describe how incredible Olivia was to work with. She didn’t edit the book, she transformed it, all the while staying true to my vision and voice and world building. She climbed into the story, rolled up her sleeves, and hammered out the dents. She found every single discrepancy and plot hole, polished my writing, and caught tiny details that I missed. Sometimes more than once. And Olivia’s humor and upbeat view of the world made our emails back and forth a pure joy.  Oh, and the fact that we both love the em-dash. Love them something fierce. I really, really hope I get a chance to work with her again.” – Darby Karchut, best-selling author of the Adventures of Finn MacCullen series

“Olivia is simply the best editor I’ve ever worked with. She improved my novel Choker immensely by smoothing out transitions and helping me show and not tell. She’s extremely sharp as a copy editor and provides meaningful suggestions while working hand in hand with the author to improve the writing. I recommend her wholeheartedly!” – Bob Moseley, author of Out of Bounds and Choker (coming soon)

“Perhaps she should change her title from editor to wizard because her work is magic. Olivia is an amazing editor who goes above and beyond. In my time working with her I have learned so much. Always at the ready to take on any questions, her methods make the process smooth and effortless even for a novice. After the first read, my publisher remarked she had never seen a first-time author with such a well-polished manuscript. Adding her touch took my novel Rescue 1 from blah to bold; I look forward to working with her on many projects to come and recommend her to anyone looking for a fantastic editor.” – Truman J. Beaver, author of Rescue 1 and Off Course

“I am pleased to say, Olivia’s editing skills were awesome! Olivia helped me to identify themes that were similar in my story, Daddy I Want to Know God. This helped me to dig deep so that I could brainstorm alternative concepts to make my story clearer for 4 to 8 year old children. She also went beyond the level of editor and assisted me with ideas for illustrations when my brain was at a standstill. I would definitely utilize Olivia’s service again.” – Vanessa Fortenberry, author of Mama, I Want to See God and Daddy, I Want to Know God

Whispers in the Attic was edited by Olivia and is receiving wonderful reviews. Working with her was a delight. She was professional, prompt with returns and always accessible. Olivia guided this first-time author painlessly through what could have been a difficult process.” -Cheryl Alsippi, author of Whispers in the Attic