Editing Levels and Rates

I charge $40/hour unless I have a separate negotiated deal with a publisher. For a free one-hour edit, after which I’ll provide an estimated cost for your entire project, please contact me at oliviaedits2[at]gmail[dot]com. The following editing levels, from least time-consuming to most, describe what type of work will be done on your manuscript (MS).

Proofreading is the “last set of eyes” a MS sees before it is published, meaning the MS is very clean from a plot and grammar standpoint and needs a final read-through to confirm all errors have been addressed.

Copy or line editing involves working on the transitions and details of a MS that already has a solid plot line, well-developed characters, etc. Most edits will be grammatical in nature, including sentence rewrites for flow. Plot or scene holes will be identified.

Developmental or substantive editing provides detailed suggestions as to how to strengthen the MS as a whole–plot, characters, world, story arc, organization, etc. A letter to the author will be provided outlining general and specific suggestions to improve the MS.