About Me

Books have always been an important part of my life, and I’m grateful to work my dream job as an editor, which allows me to interact with authors, managing editors, and publishers–but more importantly, their stories! After graduating from Brigham Young University in 2013 with a minor in editing, I freelanced for Zharmae (which no longer exists) while working full time. I was paid a pittance but got amazing experience developing stories/characters/worlds, finding obscure rules in the Chicago Manual of Style,  and honing my skills as an editor. In 2016, my husband Brian and I moved to Lisbon, Portugal, and I took the leap to full-time freelancing and started Olivia Edits. I only wish I had done so sooner.

While I could read all day and be happy, I also enjoy cooking (especially with food grown locally!), running (a half marathon is my favorite distance), and traveling (after our time in Europe, this has become more of an obsession rather than something I just enjoy).

I am currently a proofreader for Skyhorse Publishing, Author Bridge Media, and Rebellion Publishing and a developmental and copy editor for Boutique of Quality Books, Owl Hollow Press, Severed Press, and Curiosity Quills Press.